I have had many opportunities to work with Mr. Glaspie, from campaign for AISD Bond Package, and with support from Arlington City Council, the completion and dedication of Vietnam War Memorial, the addition of the name “Veterans Way” with the Vietnamese name “Đường Cựu Chiến Binh Việt Mỹ” to the street name Spanish Trail. The Vietnam War Memorial is a gift to the citizens of Arlington and under preservation by the City of Arlington. As we worked together, our friendship developed and I have great respect to Mr. Glaspie with his integrity and strong leadership. His record to have served in many Boards, AISD Executive, Arlington City Council, Assistant to the Pastor shows that he has been involved in and cared for the well being of the citizens of Arlington. I am proud and honored to endorse Mr. Glaspie FOR ARLINGTON MAYOR as Mr. Glaspie will continue to prosper the “Dream City”.
Peter Dao
President - Dallas Vietnamese Radio
I am voting for Michael Glaspie for Mayor of Arlington.  I have seen Michael’s leadership with Arlington ISD , his leadership on the Arlington City Council and his leadership in his church. He loves Arlington and the people who live here. Michael has a strong faith in God which guides his decisions. Join me in voting for Michael Glaspie.
Jerry McCullough
Former AISD Superintendent.
"As I worked with Michael over the years, our friendship developed, and I have great respect for his integrity and strong leadership.  I am proud and honored to endorse Michael Glaspie for ARLINGTON MAYOR.  With him leading us, Arlington will continue to prosper as the "Dream City".
Peter Dao
President, Dallas Vietnamese Radio
"In this profound moment of restoration for our country and our city, as people rise up to demand change, Arlington needs proven leadership that understands the dynamic of the past with a bold vision for the future. Michael Glaspie has served countless hours ensuring our students receive a quality education in a safe, orderly, and productive environment. He has served collaboratively with city, business, and community entities on innovative infrastructure, healthcare initiatives, and effective safety and security measures. Michael Glaspie is dedicated to ensuring Arlington is a stable and prosperous community for decades to come."
Dr. Samuel Nix II
Former AISD High School Principal
"As a Vietnamese-American, I appreciated your service as a machine gunner in the US Army fighting for freedom and for my country during the Vietnam War, and I appreciated your support in my efforts to build a Vietnam War Memorial at the Arlington Veterans Park to cherish and preserve the heroic sacrifices of the brave men and women who served in the US and Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces. The City of Arlington has thrived for more than 10 years under the leadership of the Arlington City Council which you were a part of for many years. I appreciated your outstanding records of more than 20 years as a public servant serving the citizens of Arlington, and I strongly believe Arlington will continue to thrive under your strong and experienced leadership."
Dr. Hung Dang
We recommend former city council member and mayor pro tem Michael Glaspie as an experienced Arlington civic leader with a focus on improving city services and building commercial businesses. In particular, Glaspie, 74, points to improvements in public safety, support for local business and recruitment of corporate relocations.

As Arlington has built an entertainment district that is home to professional sports teams, amusement parks and national restaurant and hotel franchises, the city’s population has grown. Arlington now has more density than the city of Dallas, but, as Glaspie and other candidates pointed out, city services haven’t kept up with that growth. As a result, Arlington home values haven’t risen in step with other suburbs, and its school ratings have declined.

Glaspie, a former Arlington school board member, also pointed to education as a priority for Arlington. Glaspie is also a former executive with the charter school sponsored by his church, Mount Olive Baptist Church, but the school has since closed.
The Dallas Morning News
April 11, 2021
Today more than ever, experience matters. Michael Glaspie is a decorated combat veteran, former AISD Trustee, and city council member. He is ready to lead on day one.
Clete McAlister
Veteran and Community Volunteer
I believe Michael Glaspie will make a great Mayor of Arlington.  I have watched him display his passion for serving throughout our community.  When elected to the AISD School Board, Michael worked diligently on behalf of our students.  He has served on boards and commissions in our city and county to help enhance our quality of life.  He has been an integral part of the dynamic recent growth in jobs and opportunities in Arlington as a member of the Arlington City Council and Mayor Pro Tempore.  He is a family man who desires to make our city an even better place to live for all.  Michael has my support and I look forward to him leading us into an even more prosperous and secure future.
Mayor Elzie Odom
Former Mayor
I was proud to be the House sponsor for Reverend Michael Glaspie when he was the “Pastor of the Day” for the Texas House of Representatives. Having worked with Michael in various civic endeavors over many years, I am proud to call him my friend, and I am confident he would be another one of Arlington’s effective and dedicated mayors.
Diane Patrick
Former State Representative
"As one who has worked alongside Michael as a Commission Chair, I applaud Michael's exemplary leadership and love for Arlington. He bleeds Arlington blood and his extensive service stands in witness to that fact. His heart and eyes look upon all communities that make up this city and the city will be well served by his continued service as Mayor. It is with joy that Terri and I unwaveringly endorse Arlington's friend, and ours, Michael Glaspie."
Pastors Dr. Von & Terri Peaks
Chair of Community Relations Committee
"As I look at cities all over America, I see unprecedented challenges yet incredible opportunities. We are in a time when an experienced steady hand is needed at the wheel, one who not only can read the map but who has traveled the roadway. Michael Glaspie has a track record of breaking through all kinds of barriers, working with and for you and me to create effective and lasting solutions for Arlington. That’s why I fully support Michael Glaspie’s candidacy for Mayor of Arlington, Texas."
Dr. Theron Bowman
Former APD Police Chief
"I had the opportunity to work with Michael Glaspie from 1998, when I became the Arlington School Superintendent, to 2008 when I retired from the District. He has my strongest endorsement because his outstanding personal qualities, excellent record of public service and remarkable ability to work tirelessly for the citizens of Arlington will combine to make him the ideal Mayor."
Mac Bernd
Former AISD Superintendent
I am supporting Michael Glaspie for Mayor. Having worked shoulder to shoulder with him for over 30 Years on Arlington Chamber and other civic committees, I have always found him to be easy to work with, good spirited, and always working for the best interests of Arlington. His background as a combat veteran, large corporate employee, community volunteer, and local pastor has prepared him for the office of Mayor of our City. I believe Michael is in touch with people, and that is an important quality right now."
John Cartusciello
Retired Bank Executive | Former Chair Arlington Chamber
My good friend, Michael Glaspie, is a strong, compassionate, and effective leader.  He will be an outstanding mayor and I enthusiastically endorse his candidacy.
Paula Pierson
Former State Representative